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Nintendo Wii 4.0 Softmod (Play Backup Games)

Published on Saturday, August 1, 2009 by

Nintendo Wii 4.0 Softmod

Its actually easier than you think to make your Nintendo Wii play backup games. You dont even need to take the Wii apart. Its all done by patching the Wii’s Firmware. I have tried with with v4.0 so if your Wii is running software older than that you will need to update its software first. Do not use this guide on the 4.1 firmware as some steps are different. Also do not use this guide if your Wii has a serial number has LU64+ in it as it will not work correctly.

What you need:
- SD Card (512mb or bigger)
- Files to put on SD Card – Here or Here
- Instructions (below)

Wii Softmodding Instructions:


Go to Data Management then choose Channels followed by SD

Choose “Yes” to load boot.dol

LoadMii will then load.

Press “A” on the WiiMote.

Go down to DowngraderIOS35.dol and run it by pressing “A” on the WiiMote.

Choose downgrade IOS35 and then let it do its buisness, then choose exit dont install the patchmii or dvdx.

You’ll be back in LoadMii now.

Go down and run Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing “A” on WiiMote.

Just select normal settings (don’t change IOS)

Install IOS35.wad.

Exit Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing “HOME”

You’ll be back in LoadMii.

Run Wad Manager again, when it asked what IOS to use Select IOS35

Install IOS36.wad & HBC.wad

Exit Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing “HOME”

Now restart Wii by holding the power button (pressing the home button does not seem to work)

Homebrew channel should now be installed

Make sure your WIFI is Connected

Launch the HomeBrew Channel and run WAD manager (dont change the IOS) and install IOS60patched.wad then restart wii.

Launch the homebrew channel again and run cios rev13b installer (this is the cool channel with funky music) Make sure you choose network install not wad install (change by pressign left or right on the remote)

It may freeze at the end but dont panic just wait a few moments, your wii will then auto reboot into the system menu

Launch the homebrew channel again and run IOSdowngrader

Then press “A” to proceed

This Install Will take quite a while which is why i sped it up in the video

when its finished press any button to reboot the wii

Launch Homebrew Channel again and Run CIOSCORP and it should automatically start installing

When it is finished press any button to reboot your wii

Your system Menu should be now Soft Modded =]

You now can play backup games just like the real games from the game channel.

Finally Run preloader 0.29 in the homebrew channel and press 1 to install. Then setup preloader with the following settings:

  • Under Systemmenu Hacks enable "Replace Healthwarning" and "Skip Disc Update Check"
  • Under Settings change "autoboot" to Systemmenu and "Return to" to Systemmenu

Thats it save the settings and reset the wii and you should be back at the normal Wii Menu.

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